Fundraiser Request Form

Haywood Smokehouse Fundraiser Request Form

Please fill out completely and return in store. Requests will be reviewed within 2 weeks. Haywood Smokehouse supports many local & worthy causes.  We have a budget to give each year and can only approve a limited number of requests.  Factors we consider are: 


  • The impact on local community. 
  • Requests are considered on a first come basis.  Please give us at least 2 week’s notice prior to the date of your need/event. 
  • Requests will only be taken via this form.  We will not accept requests via phone calls, emails, or over the counter. 
  • We provide in-kind donations such as gift cards, merchandise, gift baskets, etc. 
  • The organization must be a qualified 501-c3 qualified non-profit. 




Organization name: ___________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________


Main Telephone: ______________________________________________________


Person Making Request: _______________________________________________


Email address: _______________________________________________________


What kind of donation you are requesting (circle one):

  • Gift Card
  • In-kind
  • Food
  • Event


Please write a few sentences to describe the event or request and how the donation will benefit your organization. 




Date Needed: _____________________________________________________